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From Hip Hop Educator to One-Woman Houseband

Arabelle Luke, aka Airloom Beats, is a New York based beatboxer and educator who aims to connect and inspire people through music regardless of their background. With roots as the beatboxer for Rutgers University's award winning all-female acapella group ShockWave, Arabelle strives to showcase the dynamics within her art form while emphasizing a sense of community. Working through non-profit organizations like BEAT Global, Get Empowered and Kids Creative, she facilitates professional developments, workshops, and classes in beatboxing, loop station song production, and hip hop culture with special needs populations and participants of all ages across the Tristate area. She is a BEAT Global T3 certified instructor, as well as, producer and musical director for Kids Creative's play creation program at Archer Elementary School. 


When Arabelle isn't teaching, she's collaborating with New York’s theatre, improv and hip hop communities.  Arabelle incorporates her unique, melody-driven beatbox style into original short plays with The Network Theatre Company and creates content for media organizations such as and BET Centric.  Along with performing at classic venues The Barrow Group, The Bergen PAC, La Mama Theatre, and The Blue Note, Arabelle has opened for iconic rapper Rakim at the Stanhope House. Most recently, Arabelle has applied her dynamic skillsets to the beatbox battle scene. 2019 finds her earning a position in the Top 16 at the East Coast Beatbox Battle and becoming Volume 3 champion of the Beatbox House Party Battles.  During the quarantine, AirLoom has continued performing on virtual platforms as a “one-woman house band” for MAAAD Late!: The Improvised Late Night Show and PROPS!: The Hip Hop Gameshow. In 2020, Airloom was selected to be a US Hip-Hop Ambassador for Next Level USA, and she is eagerly awaiting to complete her residency in The Ukraine this year. 


Emphasizing community, AirLoom moves forward with the desire to build hip hop consciousness and positivity with her educational services business, Beatbox Express.  Emphasizing community, Arabelle moves forward with the desire to build with hip hop consciousness and positivity.

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